: nnCron
: shareware : Win9*,ME,NT,2000,XP,Vista

nnCron is an advanced and very powerful scheduler, scripting tool and automation manager. nnCron is very small in size (900k), but its capabilities are truly colossal. Besides possessing the traditional scheduler features (starting programs, displaying reminder messages and opening documents at specified time), nnCron also can:

  • start any program as a service
  • run tasks as if they were started by specified user
  • handle and restart so called missed tasks and reminders
  • shut down and hibernate the computer or put it into sleep mode at a specified time
  • "wake up" the computer in order to run a task
  • display, hide, close, kill, minimize, maximize and hide specified windows to system tray
  • display messages on screen and write them in a log file
  • work with clipboard, files and registry
  • emulate keyboard input and mouse activities
  • dial and hang up
  • use the system speaker to make beeps of specified length and frequency
  • play audio files
  • sync system time
  • assign a specified priority to a process
  • terminate any running process
  • restart automatically after fatal errors
  • keep track of files, flags, windows, processes, mouse activities, periods of idle time, keyboard shortcuts, getting online/off line, insertion of disk in a drive, presence of a host in network (ping), amount of free space on a disk, etc., etc.

nnCron understands cron table format (Unix) and is managed with easy-to-edit plain text crontab files. However, for those who prefer to work in a GUI environment, the program has a graphical shell which can be used to remove, add, edit and run tasks, set up reminders, change program settings.

nnCron has its own powerful (Forth-compatible) scripting language, allows to use VBScript/JScript, as well as regular expressions, and can be further extended with plugins. It can be started as a service or as a regular standalone application. You can examine nnCron features in depth by reading it's online documentation.

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: nnCron LITE
: freeware : Win9*,ME,NT,2000,XP,Vista

nnCron LITE is a small, but full-featured scheduler that can start applications and open documents at a specified time or with specified frequency. nnCron LITE is a perfect freeware Windows clone of a well-known UNIX scheduler Cron (including all the useful Anacron features).

Here are the most important features of nnCron LITE:

  • it can be started as a system service or as a regular standalone application
  • it understands cron table format (Unix) and is managed with easy-to-edit text crontab files that are fully compatible with Unix crontabs
  • it can handle and restart so called missed tasks
  • it can set and use environment variables
  • it can run applications authorized as currently logged user
  • it can be extended with plugins written in Forth language
  • it can be easy tuned up to answer your current needs
  • it is not resource demanding, and it can run even on very older PCs without any noticeable performance degradation. (We have never seen nnCron LITE service to allocate more than 150k of operative memory.)

nnCron LITE is tiny, powerful and easy to use. And if you need not just a scheduler, but a full-blown automation manager, take a look at nnCron.

nnCron LITE is FREE!

nnCron LITE
Online documentation: en, ru
: nnBackup
: shareware : Win9*,ME,NT,2000,XP,Vista

nnBackup is a small (350k) and convenient command line tool for backing up and synchronizing your files and folders, creating and processing file-lists. When backing up you can optionally compress the data using internal gz/zip algorithms or your preferred external archiver and start specified applications before and after main backup process. nnBackup includes special tools for removing obsolete data from the backup.

Using nnBackup you can choose one of the following backup methods:

  • conventional copying of files and folders
  • copying your data into a special numbered stack of folders or zip-files with predefined depth
  • incremental backup (like the one, used in Unix dump utility)
  • files and folders synchronization (one- or bidirectional)
  • sorting the data to optimally fill a packages (directories) of any predefined size

Main nnBackup advantages:

  • small memory footprint
  • fastest possible working speed
  • full Unicode support
  • customizeability:
    • setting of inclusive and exclusive file-name masks
    • working with file creation/modification/last-access times
    • working with file size and file attributes
    • customizeable processing of empty folders and deleted files
    • customizeable processing of errors when copying files
    • switching of a default warning messages language etc...
  • automatical starting of specified external applications before or after main backup process, taking into account their exit codes
  • reading startup parameters from a text file
  • optional logging of all of your backups and many more

nnBackup can be started from command line or from external sheduler like nnCron or nnCron LITE.

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: nnSync
: shareware : Windows 7 etc .NET 3.5

nnSync is a program for copy or move files from the devices connected to your computer via USB, onto the computer and for synchronizing files between your device and your computer.

After nnSync's installation the list of devices will be empty, and the list of actions will be contain pre-defined actions that can be changed or deleted. By default during installation of nnSync creates a system task that will keep track of the connection of devices and will run nnSync on connection. Thus the program will run only when needed and do not need to keep it running. To manually refresh list of devices press the "Refresh" under "Devices." In order to perform actions with connected devices need to click "Perform" in the same tab. Edit and add actions under "Actions", edit the list of actions for each device under "Devices" and all the rest of the program itself will do.

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