Internal error. Error # -1073741819

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Internal error. Error # -1073741819

Postby LuckMan212 » Tue, 20 Dec 2005, 22:03

Hi Valery, Nikolas

I talked about this before but after awhile this error still bugs me. Lately it has been happening more often. I am using now nnCron v1.91 RC4 Build 1066 08.11.2005

I have the following task which monitors the Event Log for specific events (which Nikolas helped me to write the tough parts! :D ) :
Code: Select all
#( EventLog_Filter
WatchEventLog: "System"
VARIABLE event_list
CREATE myFilterFile 256 ALLOT S" filtered_events.txt" myFilterFile ZPLACE
CREATE filterSource 256 ALLOT
CREATE filterLine 256 ALLOT
Rule: FILE-EMPTY: "%myFilterFile ASCIIZ>%" NOT ;
: user_click
   S" Event Viewer" WIN-EXIST? 0= IF
      0 S" mmc.exe %systemroot%\system32\eventvwr.msc" GUIStartApp
: EVALUATE-WITH ( i*x c-addr u xt -- j*x )
   SOURCE-ID >R TIB >R #TIB @ >R >IN @ >R
   THROW ;
: parse-evt-line [CHAR] , PARSE filterSource ZPLACE 1 PARSE S>NUM filterID ! ;
   myFilterFile ASCIIZ> R/O OPEN-FILE-SHARED THROW event_list !
   BEGIN filterLine 255 event_list @ READ-LINE THROW WHILE
      filterLine SWAP ['] parse-evt-line EVALUATE-WITH
      FOUND-EVENT evSourceName ASCIIZ> filterSource ASCIIZ> WC-MATCH
      FOUND-EVENT evEventID W@ filterID @ = AND
         ." EventLog : " FOUND-EVENT evSourceName ASCIIZ> TYPE ." ," FOUND-EVENT evEventID W@ . CR
         2 BalloonIcon !
         ['] user_click OnBalloonClick !
         BALLOON: "%FOUND-EVENT evSourceName ASCIIZ>% (%FOUND-EVENT evEventID W@%)" "%FOUND-EVENT evStrings2String%"
         PAUSE: 5000
         BALLOON: "" ""
   event_list @ CLOSE-FILE DROP

Now when multiple events occur in a short period, I get this error popping up in a Dialog Box and in the nnCron.log file:
Code: Select all
13:54:59 16416 EventLog_Filter: Internal error. Error # -1073741819

as you can see I have tried adding "SingleInstance" to the task but it still does not help this error. Can either of you help me figure out what is causing this problem? Is it bug in nnCron?
thanks! :oops:
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Postby LuckMan212 » Fri, 23 Dec 2005, 12:07

please I am really seeking help for this problem :?
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Postby Valery_Kondakoff » Fri, 23 Dec 2005, 20:36

We were keeping silence hopping you start debugging the task by yourself. I think it is not a good idea to post a big and complicated task complaining it gives you an error: no one can easily reproduce this error on it's own PC.

So, there are my suggestions:

1) Try to put 'Rule:' just before the Action: section.

2) Put several debugging messages in different critical places of your task and then look into the log, trying to understand - which part of the task produces the error.

HINT: in general such an error means you are referring to a non-existant object (file or event)...

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Postby LuckMan212 » Sat, 24 Dec 2005, 03:34

hi Valery,
yes I know of course It would be wonderful if I was smart enough to debug this task myself, but sadly Nicholas has written 90% of this task for me and therefor I do not really understand what might be causing the error.

It does work fine if only a single Event is "caught" however two or more events in quick succession seem to cause the -1073741819 error. So you are probably right, the file handle is maybe closed too quickly or something like that.

But I have "singleinstance" there so Im not sure how this could be happening..
Oh well I will try to add more debugging messages to the task to see.
But if you or Nicholas have any brilliant ideas it would be great to hear them also.. :lol:
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Postby LuckMan212 » Sun, 29 Jan 2006, 07:52

happy new year!
have you any more ideas on what might be causing this problem Nicholas? :oops:
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