task fails to start after reboot

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task fails to start after reboot

Postby grimes » Wed, 05 Oct 2011, 01:17

I am running nnCron Lite on Windows 2003 server. The problem occurs after a system restart. The service starts correctly, but the task identified in the cron.tab never starts. I have tried changing various parameters but nothing seems to help. I have stop/restarted the service. I have changed userids. If I start cron.exe –ns then the process will start and keep working. What am I missing.

Cron.tab –
# Classic crontab format:
# Minutes Hours Days Months WeekDays Command

@*/5 * * * * c:\aesop.cmd

\ This file contains nnCron's options
\ Restart nnCron after changing of the file.
\ All items are case sensitive. After a keyword the 'blank' is required.

Cronlog: "log\%MM%%DD%cron.log"
LogTimeFormat: "%hh%:%mm%:%ss% %ThreadId%"
YearField OFF
DefaultOpenMode: ShowNormal
DefaultPriority: NormalPriority
AsLoggedUser ON
DefaultRunMissedTime: 0:01

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