HTTP-GET confusion

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HTTP-GET confusion

Postby lost1 » Thu, 04 May 2006, 22:12

I'm really new to nnCron... (using nnCron Lite)

I'm trying to set a cron job using the http.spf plugin to download a .ICS (iCal) file every 30 minutes.

I think I want to use the HTTP-GET command... but I'm not sure if I'm doing it properly. I added the line "INCLUDE http.spf" in my cron.ini file. When I looked in my log file and it says "Loading error: http.spf:17" -- I haven't modified the http.spf file... am I supposed to? I'm also not sure if I'm using the command right in the crontab.

My file only has one line...

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30 * * * * !HTTP-GET: http://URL/

How do I tell it to download (and save) a file from the web to a specific location every 30 minutes? I feel like I'm close, but probably missing something...
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Postby Nicholas_Nemtsev » Fri, 12 May 2006, 08:51

Plugin http.spf for nnCron (no lite) only and it isn't tested on nnCron lite.
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