Accessing a webpage

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Accessing a webpage

Postby jd1000 » Mon, 03 Oct 2005, 23:53

How can I set nnCron to access a particular webpages, eg

every day?

(My computer is always connected to the net)
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Postby VK » Tue, 04 Oct 2005, 10:13

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START-APP: iexplore.exe
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Re: Accessing a webpage

Postby xmd5 » Thu, 07 Jun 2012, 19:35

How i make it use a random url inside a text file and then input it in

START-APP: C:\firefox\firefox.exe "random url"
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Re: Accessing a webpage

Postby Morituruz » Wed, 13 Jun 2012, 15:48

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S" C:\firefox\firefox.exe " S" C:\some_file.txt" FILE S+ START-APP
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