nnCron 1.91 b2 is available for download

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nnCron 1.91 b2 is available for download

Postby Valery_Kondakoff » Tue, 07 Dec 2004, 11:47

nnCron 1.91 b2 is available for download.


Some of the new features are already described in online docs: http://www.nncron.ru/help/help.htm .

Here is a brief description of the new features:

+ it is possible to intercept the computer shutdown (WatchQueryShutdown, INTERCEPT-SHUTDOWN, CONTINUE-SHUTDOWN)
* USERNAME is changed;
* New condition word Win2003? and WinVersionString is changed;
* AsLoggedUser works properly with Fast User Switching;
+ WTSWatchConnect, WTSWatchDisconnect, WTSWatchLogon,WTSWatchLogoff, WTSWatchLock, WTSWatchUnlock, WTSWatchRemoteConnect, WTSWatchRemoteDisconnect (WTS stands for Windows Terminal Services), WATCH-SESSIONID;
+ tray.exe - this is a dedicated nnCron system tray icon which is automatically loaded, for example, when Fast User Switching is used;
+ EVAL-SUBST supports now conditional substitution %[if] cond% ... %[else]% ... %[end]%;
+ New MAX-CB-SIZE VALUE-variable (clipboard buffer limitation).

I'll try to update nnCron docs as soon as possible. Don't hesitate to ask your questions in our forum if you still have questions about new features.
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