nnBackup 2.28 (release) is available for download

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nnBackup 2.28 (release) is available for download

Postby Valery_Kondakoff » Wed, 25 May 2005, 22:31

nnBackup 2.28 (release) is available for download.


There are many useful changes in this release. Here are the most important:

- new -flat otion: gathering files from several folders, directory tree or entire volume into the files in one specified directory
- new 'fill' mode: automatically sorting the specified files to optimally fill a packages (directories) of any predefined size, keeping the input directory tree structure intact
- you can use regexps in filename masks
- after each successful or unsuccessful execution nnBackup returns the error codes
- many other bugfixes and enhancements (don't forget to take a look into history.txt)!

All the new features are described in the online/offline docs: http://www.nncron.ru/nnbackup/help/help.htm .
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