Technical Support

If you have questions regarding nnCron and you cannot find answers in the available documentation, please please visit our forums or subscribe to nnCron mailing list. The forums and mailing list was specially created to discuss problems related to nnCron, nnCron LITE and nnBackup. The developer posts the news here, various bugs and new features are discussed here. (The official language of the nnCron mailing list is English).

There is also a newsgroup dedicated to nnCron, nnCron LITE and nnBackup named RU.NNCRON ( The official language of RU.NNCRON newsgroup is Russian, but messages in English are allowed as well.You can access RU.NNCRON newsgroup through your ISP's news server or through one of free public news servers, e.g.:

Those who prefer simpler solutions can access the news group directly in their Web browser: or

There is a nnCron Frequently Asked Questions collection:

The most frequently asked questions regarding the Forth language (complete with answers) are collected in Forth first aid section. Advanced (or just curious) users are encouraged to read the Tips'N'Tricks chapter—a collection of poorly documented, or completely undocumented, or just curious nnCron features, solutions for nontrivial tasks and various handy hints and tips.

You are strongly encouraged to read these sections before writing a message to the mailing list, since they may contain a solution for your problem. It is also a good idea to have a look at file where you can find actual examples of many of nnCron's key words.

nnCron support e-mail: