Lesson 2: Turning Off a Computer at a Specified Time

Let's create a task which will be turning off our computer nightly at 01:00 a.m.

Right-click on nnCron icon in the system tray and select New Task in the menu. This will open New Task dialog box.

First of all, let's specify a name for our task in the window we just opened. In order to do that, let's type, for example, "PC off" in Task name field. Spaces between words will be automatically transformed into underscore symbols, for a task name cannot contain blank spaces..

On Time and Options tab, we specify when the task should be executed. For example, let us say that it will run daily (well, nightly, actually) at 01:00.

On the Action tab there is a a drop-down menu where we can select the action we want to be performed at the time we have just specified. Among numerous actions, listed in the drop-down menu, we select Shutdown. Then we click on Power off checkbox in order to instruct computer to turn off the power after shutting down the OS.

Now our task is ready to be run, but before we click OK, we could peek at the source text of the task. Let's go to Advanced tab:

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