General Information about Plugins

Plugins are additional modules for nnCron; they are written in Forth language and are used to expand nnCron's capabilities by defining new Forth words. Plugins are plain text files with .spf extension which can be created, viewed and/or edited in any available text editor. nnCron distribution includes more than ten of various useful plugins which can be found in folder plugins in nnCron's home directory.

You can find more plugins at our web-site: If you have created your own plugin and want to share it with other nnCron users, just send it to

To view the list of active plugins, open Plugins window of Options dialog box (the latter can by opened by double-clicking on nnCron's icon in system tray). Buttons Edit, Add and Delete can be used to add new plugins and remove those you no longer use.

See also "Plugins".

After adding the plugin to Plugins list, you can use all the words defined in it in your tasks.