This utility allows you to find out the current coordinates of the mouse pointer, to find out class of the object over which the mouse pointer is currently located, to get information regarding size and coordinates of main and child windows and find out the window handle of a window. WinSpy also displays the text information contained in the current component. In addition, WinSpy can show you virtual key codes, which are generated, when you press a key on your keyboard.

Information provided by WinSpy can be used, for instance, in window key words (WIN-MOVE:, WIN-WAIT: etc.) or key words used to emulate mouse activity (MOUSE-MOVE: etc.). Virtual key codes can be used with a word WatchHotKey:.

To open WinSpy, select Tools - WinSpy in the menu which is opened by right-clicking on nnCron icon in the system tray.

You can also start WinSpy from command line by typing:

tm.exe WinSpy

If you want to copy to clipboard information provided by WinSpy about a certain window, do the following:

  1. Open the desired application window
  2. Start WinSpy
  3. Activate the field (Text, Class etc.), which contains the data you are going to copy. Do do this, just left-click in the field with your mouse or by repeatedly hitting TAB until the cursor is in the desired field.
  4. Now move the mouse so that the pointer is over the desired window (WinSpy's window is active)
  5. Select the text in the field (Shift+End)
  6. Now copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl+Ins)