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Since January 2005 the development history is maintained in our news forum!

2.27 (22.Jan.04)
+ French documentation is available for download and online viewing;
* installer enhancements;
* error -300 bug fixed;
* dump and verz modes are working properly with -e option;

2.26 (03.Dec.03)
* empty folders are stored properly in dump and verz modes (-e option);
* backslash at the end of the dir-path bug fixed (Win9x);

2.25 (08.Nov.03)
* now nnBackup works with files which contains '%' in their filenames;
+ new sync options: -delete-before, -delete-excluded, -existing, -ignore-existing;
+ new options: -a {a|A|r|R|h|H|s|S|c|C|e|E|n|N}, -ax {a|A|r|R|h|H|s|S|c|C|e|E|n|N};
* resource string #1211 is changed and #1214 is added;
* last error was not written to log-file. Fixed;
* -md5 bug on Windows 9x/ME is fixed;
+ directory attributes are preserved now;
* archive file attribute problem is fixed (Windows 9x/ME);

2.24 (08.Oct.03)
+ new command line switches -LT <bytes> and -GT <bytes>;
+ Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish readme and res-files are available (Euler German, Angel Rodriguez);
* bug of delabsent (-da) was fixed;
* message 'Error macro variable substitution' is written into log now;
+ new message # 1012 in res-files;
* installer silent mode bug fixed;

2.22 (15.Aug.03)
+ English documentation (doc\help.chm) is included in nnBackup distributive;
+ new nnBackup installer (smaller and faster);
+ French readme is available (thanks to Veekee);
+ option for backing up of the files that were overwritten during directory synchronization (-backup <backup-path>);
* bug of ver mode fixed (when using %INAME% in dest path);
* bug of delabsent fixed;

2.21 (07.Apr.03)
+ option -md5 (verifying md5 checksum when synchronizing folders)
+ delabsent mode (deleting obsolete data from your backups)
+ -il <filename> (deleting all files, that are not present in a file-list)
+ -il- <filename> (deleting all files, that are present in a file-list)
+ option -ci (ignore input errors, for example, when 'in' or 'out' directories are inaccessible)
+ -nozip, -nozip- options (controlling data compression in dump mode)
+ New 'backup.ini' variable 'KeepPathLevel: <number>'
+ New 'backup.ini' variable 'NoZipDump ON/OFF'
* the data, that was saved into etc/dumpdates.txt was optimized
* directories are not deleted in delabsent and 'sync -da' modes, if option -s was not used
* previous dump date determination bug fixed
* creation of dirs with .zip extension when using "ver -zip -e" was fixed
* backslashes ('\') are converted to slashes ('/') in zip-archives
* dump and verz work properly with 'p' options (-p1 etc.)
* "ERROR # 6" bug fixed

2.19 (07.Feb.03)
* option -pc works with verz mode (using last zip-file creation time)
+ new option -cn <error_number> - ignore this file-error (don't use -c option with -cn)
+ new option -tn <error_number> - stop copying on this file-error (when -c option was used)
* bug of ver mode fixed
* using -p option in sync2 mode bug fixed
+ sync2 now works with several -i options (don't forget to use -p option when using sync2 with multiple -i)
+ new options -p1, -p2, -p3, -p4, -pn <num> - creating direcroty structure in output dir
* nnBackup is compiled by SP-Forth 4.0. (Overall optimization, working speed improvements)

2.18 (29.Jan.03)
+ %INAME% - name of current source directory
+ %IPATH% - path of current source directory without drive letter and following :\
+ %IDRIVE% - drive letter of current source path
+ new syntax: -m @filename, -x @filename, -i @filename etc. for all the options with parameters (reading parameters from a file)
* -c (ignore errors) option bug fixed
* on synchronization r/o absent files are deleted now
+ file-lists creation:
-list <[@]filename> - writes copying rel paths to specified file
-list2 <[@]filename> - for second pass of sync2
-list3 <[@]filename> - for absent dirs and files
+ -fp - 'full path' for -list options
+ -nocopy option
+ -tbeg <[@]filename> - writes time of backup begin to specified file
+ -tend <[@]filename> - writes time of backup end to specified file

2.15 (05.Dec.02)
* Install procedure is changed
+ backup.ini options Quiet, SubTree, Verbose, CopyAccessRights, DelAbsent, DelAbsentDir, AnyDifference, IgnoreErrors, CopyEmptyDirs, KeepPath, PushChanged, TwoSecondsPrecision
+ New command "copy". "copy" is command by default now.
* -pc works properly with -gz and -zip options
+ New command "verz" - versioned backup into stack of zip-files
+ New option -t2 - sets TwoSecondsPrecision ON
+ New option -ini <filename> - sets ini-file
+ -D DD-MM-YYYY[/hh[:mm[:ss]]]
+ -DC DD-MM-YYYY[/hh[:mm[:ss]]]
+ -DW DD-MM-YYYY[/hh[:mm[:ss]]]

2.14 (20.Nov.02)
* Bug of usage several -i options for 'dump' mode fixed

2.13 (02.Nov.02)
+ It is allowed use several -i option now.
+ New option -p (save path)
+ New option -pc (Push if Changed) for 'ver' mode.

2.12 (03.Oct.02)
* Bug of directory deleting on ver mode fixed

2.11 (13.Jul.02)
* Bug of dump mode fixed (invalid archive etc.)

2.10 (20.Jun.02)
* national filenames stored into zip-file (ver) incorrectly

2.09 (07.06.2002)
* parsing of dumpdates.txt error bug fixed

2.08 (15.04.2002)
* "Access denied error" on existing dst file, if hidden, system or read only attributes (one or more) is set.

2.07 (15.02.2002)
* nnBackup waited of completion of command (-ra)

2.06 (14.02.2002)
+ -ad option for sync (copy from src to dest on Any Difference, not only recent files but also files with different time or size)
+ -rb "command line" - run "command line" before main process
+ -dirb "dir" - current directory for -rb option
+ -pbs - start main process, if before command has executed successfully
+ -ra "command line" run "command line" after main process
+ -dira "dir" current directory for -ra option
+ -rps - run command line (-ra), if main process has completed successfully

2.05 (13.02.2002)
* One pass synchronization delete absence directory bug fixed

2.04 (02.02.2002)
* national filenames stored into zip-file (dump) incorrectly
* mysterious error message: "The storage control block address is invalid"

2.03 (28.12.2001)
+ -log filename option
+ Logtime: "<time-prefix>" ini-file option

2.02 (27.11.2001)
* fixed bug of testing of network shared resources
+ nnBackup now returns error code (for use in bat-file)
* optimized tree pass procedure
* files with national characters processing correctly.

2.01 (02.09.2001)
+ Synchronization of directories
+ Incremental backup
+ Archiving into zip or gz files

1.00 (26.07.2000)
* First nnBackup release

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