Starting nnBackup

To start nnBackup from a command line, enter a command (specifying the program's working mode), state the source and target directories (-i and -o), and then enter options to fine-tune the program's behavior: logging options, compression options, file masks etc. Some of these option are not dependent on nnBackup working mode and can be used with any command. Others, on the contrary, are mode-dependent, and should only be used with a specific command. The order in which options are placed is not really important, so you can place them in any order that is convenient to you.

In order to get more information on the subject, see a list of nnBackup commands and command line options containing their detailed description.

Unless a user explicitly states nnBackup working mode, the program will be started by default in File copying mode.

Command line syntax:

nnbackup.exe [command] -i <input_dir> -o <output_dir> [options]

nnBackup can read startup parameters from a text file, so it is often convenient to save nnBackup startup parameters in a text file and start the program in the following way:

nnbackup.exe -f <filename>


nnbackup.exe ver  -i c:\data -o e:\backup\data -s -n 5 -x *.exe,*.dll -v

Explanation: Back up the directory tree in c:\data to a directory stack e:\backup\data\1-5, except for files with exe and dll extensions. Display/write to log the names and full paths of the files that are being copied.

nnbackup.exe sync2 -i c:\data -o \\another\c\data -s -v

Explanation: Bidirectional synchronisation of directory trees between c:\data and \\another\c\data. Take in account all subdirectories in c:\data and display/write to log the names and full paths of the files that are being copied.

nnbackup.exe dump 0 -i c:\data -o \\server\c\backup -s -zl 9

Explanation: Incremental backup of level 0. Take in account all subdirectories in c:\data. Maximal compression level for the dump that is being created.

nnbackup.exe -f c:\config\my_bckp.cfg

Explanation: Starting nnBackup using startup parameters stored in my_bckp.cfg.

nnbackup.exe sync -i c:\data -o d:\backup\data -s -v -e -rb "d:\toos\wget.exe -N -r -l5" -dirb c:\data

Explanation: Onedirectional synchronisation of c:\data and d:\backup\data. Take in account all subdirectories in c:\data. Copy empty directories. Before starting synchronisation session, nnBackup will start an external process (wget.exe) and wait for its completion. Set c:\data as the current working directory for wget.exe.