Variables Used in cron.ini

Note: To restore the default values of all variables mentioned in cron.ini, do the following:

After this, a new cron.ini will be generated, where all variables will have their default values.

AsLoggedUser <ON/OFF>

Allows to execute all started applications as if they were started by currently logged user.

Use this variable when nnCron LITE is started as a system service (using System account). Don't use AsLoggedUser if you are running nnCron LITE not as a system service, but as a regular application (see also Starting and Stopping nnCron LITE).

Allowed values:

AsLoggedUser ON

Cronlog: "filename"

Specifies the name of nnCron LITE log file.

Cronlog: "log\nncron.log"

DefaultOpenMode: <mode>

Defines the default mode in which applications will be started by nnCron LITE (application window can be opened in normal or full-screen (maximized) mode, minimized or hidden).

Allowed values:

DefaultOpenMode: ShowNormal

DefaultPriority: <priority>

Specifies the default priority which nnCron LITE assigns to started applications.

Allowed values:

DefaultPriority: NormalPriority

DefaultRunMissedTime: <hh:mm|days>

Manages launching of missed tasks: specifies maximum waiting time (in hours and minutes or days) that may elapse since this task was sheduled to run for the last time. The missed task will not be run if DefaultRunMissedTime: value is smaller than the time elapsed since this task was sheduled to run for the last time.

DefaultRunMissedTime: 360:00

INCLUDE "filename"

Activates a specified plugin (scripts) written in Forth. After a plugin is activated with INCLUDE, it can be started from nnCron LITE. See also nnCron LITE and Forth Programing Language.

File cron.ini can include several instances of word INCLUDE, as many as there are activated plugins.

INCLUDE "plugins\tools.spf"
INCLUDE "plugins\windows.spf"
INCLUDE "plugins\time.spf"
INCLUDE "plugins\win2tray.spf"
INCLUDE "plugins\wakeup.spf"
INCLUDE "plugins\procwin.spf"
INCLUDE "plugins\timesync.spf"

LogTimeFormat: "time_format"

Defines the format for writing information into log file. (See also Predefined Variables).

LogTimeFormat: "%DD% %MMM% %hh%:%mm%:%ss% %ThreadId%"

YearField <ON/OFF>

Specifies whether or not the optional year field is to be used in the cron format used by nnCron LITE.

Allowed values:

YearField OFF