nnCron Options

nnCron provides numerous options for customizing program's interface and behavior. nnCron's settings are stored in configuration file nncron.ini which is located in nnCron's home directory. If you keep this file intact when reinstalling nnCron or your operating system, you will also keep intact all your settings.

You can change nnCron's settings either through GUI or by editing nncron.ini in your favorite text editor. Which method to use is just a matter of your personal preferences. (Attention, please: you have to restart nnCron after you finish editing cron.ini to enable configuration changes). A detailed description of variables used in nncron.ini can be found in a section suitably titled Variables Used in nncron.ini, and here we will concentrate on how to use the GUI to change nnCron's settings.

A double click on nnCron's icon in system tray will open Options dialog box. It consists of four parts, all of these parts are accessible via menu in the dialog's left-hand navigation pane: