: nnCron LITE History

Since January 2005 the development history is maintained in our news forum!

1.16 (16.Oct.03)
+ Czech readme is available (Ivan Horak);
* converting double quotes in task text was fixed;

1.15 (03.Oct.03)
+ Run missed task capability and DefaultRunMissedTime: ini-parameter. (Now nnCron LITE has all the features of Anacron!);
* NoLog (~) bug fixed;
* Minor installer improvements;
+ Polish readme is available (Sebastian Pogorzelski);

1.13 (25.Jul.03)
* rare crash bug fixed;
+ Spanish readme is available (thanks to Angel Rodriguez);
+ new nnCron LITE installer (setup size is less than 208k!);

1.12 (14.Jul.03)
* now nnCron LITE writes to the log when forth scripts are executed;
* bug when using START-APP with APP-Dir is fixed;
* documentation and misc txt-files were moved to 'doc' folder;
+ Finnish, French, German, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and Ukrainian readme are available (thanks to all the translators: Ville Pilvio, Veekee, Stefan Schuck, Luis Cesar Battistin, Euler German, Anthony Vendzylovych!)
+ Command prefix ~ for logging suppression;

1.11 (03.Mar.03)
+ English help-file was included in nnCron LITE distribution. This file was translated by Valeri Sivokon (http://translations.nm.ru/).
* nnCron LITE build number is displayed in version info (-v)
* minor bugfixes

1.09 (20.Dec.02)
* uninstall bug fixed

1.08 (12.Dec.02)
* copying cron.tab on install bug fixed

1.07 (07.Dec.02)
* Installation is changed

1.06 (21.Aug.02)
* AsLoggedUser option bug fixed (error on logoff state)
+ new time specification (? - start time)

1.05 (20.Jun.02)
* Documents opening improved.

1.04 (16.Jun.02)
+ New cron.ini file option: AsLoggedUser (it is 'ON' by default)

1.01 (12.Nov.01)
* nnCron LITE was born.

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