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Since January 2005 the development history is maintained in our news forum!

1.89 re-release (21.May.04)
+ Belarussian interface language and readme file (thanks to Alex Sharaev);
+ new word IS-CD-PRESENT: <drv_letter>;
+ new word WatchResumeAuto;
* FILE-CROP is rewritten from the scratch;
* RunMissed + Time range bug fixed;
* other minor bugfixes;

1.89 (18.Mar.04)
+ Belarussian interface translations (thanks to Alex Sharaev);
* minor bugfixes;

1.89rc6 (05.Mar.04)
* appearance of nncron.log after execution of an oneliner bug fixed;
* combined usage of WatchHotKey:, Rule: and non-US kbd layout bug fixed;
* default value of MonitorResponseTime is changed to 100 ms.
* other bugfixes;

1.89rc5 (19.Feb.04)
* new nncron.ini option TrayIconBalloonClick: <word> and new USER-variable OnBalloonClick;
* working directory loss bug fixed;
* repeated balloon-hint appearance after logoff/logon bug fixed;
* plugin http.spf changed;
* other bugfixes;

1.89rc4 (05.Feb.04)
* WatchDir/File bug fixed (when there are file and directory with the same name);
* START-TIME bug fixed;
* open console on nnCron start bug fixed;
* remote console: OEM to ANSI input convertion bug fixed;
+ new variable DelayOnStartup (temporary fix for Win98 WatchWinCreate bug);
* other bugfixes;

1.89rc3 (16.Jan.04)
+ new words: WatchDrive: *, %DRIVE-LETTER%;
+ new condition: RunMissed?;
* plugins timesync.spf and http.spf were changed;
* installer enhancements;
* Crontab on removable media bug fixed;
* WatchLogoff: <username> bug fixed;
* AsLogged and -ns combined usage bug is fixed;
* another fix for Backslash at eol before )# bug;
* WatchProc[Stop]: bug fixed;

1.89rc2 (27.Nov.03)
+ new words: CPU-USAGE ( -- %), PROC-CPU-USAGE ( a u -- %) (WinNT/2000/XP only);
+ new word: PROC-WAIT-CPU-USAGE (see process.spf) (WinNT/2000/XP only);
+ new word: WatchCPUUsage: <CPUUsage%> <seconds> and PerfMonitor nncron.ini variable (WinNT/2000/XP only);
* new fix for WatchLogon:;
+ new options: TrayIconDoubleClick: <word>, TrayIconRightButton: <word>;
+ GUI/Options/Interface TrayIconDoubleClick and TrayIconRightButton setup, new resource strings: 482 and 483;
* backslash at eol before )# bug fixed;
* crash on logon test when domain name is empty fixed;
* another bug of ADD-HOST (win2tray.spf) is fixed;
* WatchDriveInsert: changed to WatchDrive: - now works with CD/DVD drives, removable and USB drives;
* WatchHotKey: bug fixed;

1.89rc1 (08.Nov.03)
+ full-text search was added to the help file;
* now you can use '%', '"' and empty lines in reminders text;
* OnceA*, Time: and RunMissed combined usage bug is fixed;
* GUI RunMissed: bug is fixed;
* GetLastError now returns correct error code after FILE-RENAME: and FILE-COPY:;
* WatchLogon: didn't work on fast computers. Fixed;
+ new word PROC-WAIT-IDLE ( pid --): pauses the task until the specified process becomes idle (for example, when launching an application);
+ new ini-parameter ReloadImmediately - reload changed crontabs located in nnCron home directory imediately;

1.89b9 (18.Oct.03)
* "ERROR PASS" bug introduced in beta 8 is fixed;
+ new words GetVolID/GET-VOL-ID - getting Volume ID of the specified disk (see system.spf plugin);

1.89b8 (14.Oct.03)
+ new nnCron installer;
+ new word WatchFileDelete: <file_path>;
+ full-blown missed tasks handling: RunMissed/RunMissed <hh:mm|days>;
+ new nncron.ini variable DefaultRunMissedTime: <hh:mm|days>;
+ WatchHotKey: enhancements. Now nnCron can pass hotkeys to other apps, when task was unable to start because of Rule: or Time:;
+ new command line option -wp (run without plugins) for -runfile;
+ Czech, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Serbian (Latin) and Ukrainian
readme and res-files are available (Ivan Horak, Robert Keurentjes, Skonvols2k, Sebastian Pogorzelski, Predrag Manojlovic, Anthony Vendzylovych);
+ new resource string #144;
+ if a resource string is unavailable in translated res-file, the same string from English res-file is used in nnCron GUI;
* WatchProc:, WatchProcStop:, WatchHotkey:, WatchLogon:, WatchLogoff:, WatchShutdown, WatchSuspend, WatchResume are changed to minimize system resources using;
* tools.spf changed: TABS, TASK-DEL, TASK-ADD;
* GUI: width of crontab dropdown list depends of crontab names length;
* logging system bugfixes;
* FILE-CROP: bug fixed;
* -run <taskname> bug fixed;

1.89b7 (18.Jun.03)
+ new words for working with event logs: evSourceName, evComputername, evStrings, evStrings2String, evNString, evUserSid;
+ new words to retrieve process name from Process ID: PROC-NAME ( pid - a u), PROC-FULLNAME ( pid - a u);
* FOR-PROCS: now works with Process ID;
* Time: statement parsing bug fixed (GUI);
* RAS connection name losing bug fixed (GUI);
* CLIPBOARD bug fixed;

1.89b6 (09.Jun.03)
+ new word: TRAY-REFRESH - removes 'lost' icons from system tray;
+ new word: WatchRegistryKey: "key_path" for watching specifyed Registry keys. (Available modifiers: REG-CHANGE-NAME, REG-CHANGE-ATTRIBUTES, REG-CHANGE-LAST-SET, REG-CHANGE-SECURITY, WatchSubtree);
* fixed bug in logging system;
* http.spf bug fixed;
* USERNAME detection is enhanced in WinXP;

1.89b5 (31.May.03)
+ new words for watching system event logs: WatchEventLog: <logname>, FOR-NEW-EVENTS ... FOUND-EVENT ... ;FOR-NEW-EVENTS;
* now it is possible to edit tasks with quoted names using nnCron GUI;
+ French and Finnish interface translations (thanks to Veekee and Ville Pilvio);
+ enhancements in logging system;

1.89b4 (16.May.03)
+ long-awaited missed tasks and reminders handling (when they were missed because nnCron was not running): task option RunMissed;
+ task option RunMissed can be managed directly from nnCron GUI;
* WinSpy can display hotkey combinations and virtual key codes;
+ Portuguese and Portuguese-BR interface translations (thanks to Luis Cesar Battistin and Euler German);
+ new strings (143, 423) in language resource files;

1.89b3 (07.May.03)
* new entries (170-174) in language resource files
* vertical scroll bar is added to reminder window
* CLIPBOARD returns current value of clipboard

1.89b2 (23.Apr.03)
+ new nncron.ini option MenuHotKey: "hotkey" (sets a keyboard shortcut to nnCron pop-up menu)
+ "Virtual Key" tool added to WinSpy
+ It is possible to use virtual key codes in WatchHotKey: expression (WatchHotkey: {0x20})
+ Spanish and German interface languages and readme files (thanks to Angel Rodriguez and Stefan Schuck)
* winlirc.spf and http.spf plugins were changed
* GUI enhancements (more space for strings, translated to other languages)
+ temporary workaround for 255-characters GET-REG: limitation: VALUE variable def-GRV-SIZE
* help, readme and history files were moved to "doc" directory
* nnCron working files (once.txt, filechange.txt, htime.txt) were moved to "etc" directory

1.89b1 (09.Apr.03)
+ new keys to use with SEND-KEYS: and WatchHotKey: (Numpad keys, BREAK and Multimedia keys)
+ winlirc.spf plugin (controlling your PC using infrared remote control unit)
+ RANDOM, START-SEQUENCE - random numbers generator
* Double task start (during one minute) bug fixed
* Reminder bugs fixed

1.88 (26.Feb.03)
+ words ONLYDIR, ONLYNAME - parsing a string with file path and file name
* bug with negative values in 'tm.ini' (window position) was fixed
* WatchProcStop: bug fixed
* wrong Win9x version info was displayed

(see history.txt in your installation directory for older history)

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